Jennifer Sando
Jennifer Sando is a writer and photographer based in Adelaide, Australia.

In 2011, she ran an advent-style campaign called I Want To Take A Portrait Of Eddie Vedder, which was inspired by her favourite band Pearl Jam and her passion for photography. The campaign was successful and due to crowdfunding via Kickstarter, the journey was made into a book titled Picture In A Frame. It was published by Infinitum Limited and released in 2013.

Jennifer’s music writing has appeared online for The Music, the AU Review and The Dwarf. Her photographs have been published in print for such magazines as Cosmo Bride, Frankie and Rip It Up.

She has exhibited her photographs for Ballarat International Foto Biennale in 2013, Atkins ‘Dark’ in 2013, and Deep South Festival in 2014.

Mid 2015, Jennifer began working on her first novel.

She is a mum to two boys — Xavier and Miles, and lives in Adelaide’s north-east with her husband Adam. Her personal blog can be found here.